Monday, January 12, 2009

The Depths of My Ignorance

There's nothing quite like adding in entries of interesting books from the catalogs picked up at a conference book display to make you realize just how little one actually knows.

Life isn't long enough for this many books. ((makes 18,967th resolution to spend less time dinking around on teh internets...))


Anonymous said...

I started to read that as "spend less time drinking" and thought "yeah, that's one I can get behind.

Susan said...

Yes, well, the publishers have NEVER acceded to my plan for a break in publishing so that I can catch up.

Anonymous said...

Per Historiador's comment: the good thing about the non peer-reviewed internets is that you can dink around while drinking, unlike reading academic history books, which take considerably more sobriety and attention. (Or, at least they do for me.) So you could look at dinking and drinking as a twofer that will actually SAVE you time if you do them together! (But it all depends on how committed you are to drinking.)