Monday, January 19, 2009

Tragically Disorganized (again)

(Fine, you win. No light-on-dark background. Though I can appreciate how the regular format is easier on the eyes, I will miss how the photos look on that black background.)

Yes, I know that most of my readers have already begun their semesters, so pardon me if I'm late here, but still: I feel completely unprepared for this semester.

This is one of my goals: to have an organized semester, with assignments posted and returned on time, lectures ready to go, me knowing what I'm talking about... And still, one week to go, and there may be problems with a couple of the books, I still haven't ordered my own copies of the books, and my grad course has only four students in it, and three of those are only enrolled so they can get course credit for a course they're taking with a totally different professor. And four might get the class canceled anyway.

Did I mention that severe disorganization throws me into anxiety? Yep, last night I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. So, today I'm going up to the office (where the coffee emporia are closed! for the holiday), to work near my books. At least I can get the syllabi done. And getting that done should help me sleep better tonight.

Three Things update: new sidebar widget, started yesterday. Managed to get two of yesterday's three knocked off, and added an asterisk to the one I had to carry over. If it's still there tomorrow, it gets two, then three... eventually a long row of asterisks will, I hope, shame me into doing something about it.


AndrewMc said...

One week to go and:

No syllabus for my two classes. Haven't gotten some of the books. No lectures or any prep whatsoever for one class, which is a brand new class for me. Behind on two writing projects, both of which I promised over T-giving but still have not even started.

Anonymous said...

I like the khaki background--the black was too jarring, so that even the photos were hard to scan.

Good luck getting organized!