Saturday, January 3, 2009

AHA report

Well, not so much a report as a brief check-in:

[incredibly detailed post deleted, replaced with the following bullet points]

Friday morning: Got up at a time my body was telling me was Far Too Early; ate my way across New York with fellow blogger Clio's Disciple.

Friday afternoon/evening: Panel and plenary session. Both very inspirational for Shiny New Project.

Saturday morning: Got up at a time my body was telling me was Even Earlier Than Far Too Early; ate $30 yogurt-and-muffin breakfast (seriously); book display (half of it, anyway); lots of meetings with lots of people (including a certain Damned Medievalist and also occasional commenter Susan). Also ran coffee to my department's search committee (who admitted to being "a little slap-happy at this point").

By the time I got back from a couple of very good receptions, I was far too tired to go out to dinner, and so I ended up being completely lame and eating a salad in my room.

In all, it's been very encouraging, and I got encouraging bits on the current book MS, Shiny New Project, and even a co-edited volume project. There will be more details on all these in the future, but I don't want to burden this post.

And now, I'm going to call ID, then go to bed early. Tomorrow, I'm going to utterly ignore the conference and go to the Met. Hope everyone out there is having a good New Year so far, and I'll check back in with you when I'm back in Sunshine City!

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