Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update on the Computer Meltdown

First order of business: the recent passing of my laptop means that I can´t check my e-mail on any of my dot-mac aliases, including the NotoriousPhD one. So if you need to contact me, you should do so via my work e-mail (which you can get by looking me up at my employer´s website, and if you don´t know who I am, then sit tight and be confident that I will be reading your e-mail as soon as I´m home).

Second: Thanks for the sympathy on the last post. No need to pick up a laptop for research. I´ll just do it with pen and paper like I did that time three years ago when I was in the same city and my computer got stolen (yes, I do seem to have some bad luck here).

The problem is not the box -- I was planning on getting a new one next month anyway. The problem is the data that´s on it. Unless I can find someone to fix it (and I am checking into this, by the way) and/or do data recovery, I´m stuck like this for the next month. I miss my data. And I miss having a little music in the morning and at night. ::sigh::

I´ve already e-mailed FabEd´s assistant to ask her to send me copies of the readers´reports, because there were two documents I was supposed to check on. And I hope to whatever gods there are that none of the files got corrupted in the backup process. But other than that, there´s little I can do, other than to more forward.

So... wish me luck!


Susan said...

Oh, gee. I missed your post of yesterday because I was on the jet lag day. But yours is the travel nightmare. Good luck. Pencil and paper is a reliable medium, and while harder to index, it does work.

The History Enthusiast said...

You are handling this well! I'd be a total mess.

I have my fingers crossed that things will work out.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I WAS a total mess the first time this happened. Now, it´s just another crisis for which I find a work-around. Honestly, the only truly essential thing are two citations I was missing. And what I miss most, believe it or not, is a little music in the apartment when I´m home.

Bavardess said...

Commiserations on your tech disaster. I am a bit lazy about backing up, and sometimes wake up in a cold sweat fearing this very situation. I can understand missing the music.