Thursday, June 7, 2012

A new all-time favorite student eval comment

"Her passion for history is as contagious as smallpox, and a lot more fun."

(The runner-up, from the same class, was an evaluation that read, in toto: "Good job, tough class, great hair.")

Anyone else get any good ones this year?

Here's an unrelated photo, from my travels:


squadratomagico said...

Love that photo! Glorious!

Susan said...

Can I have that library?

Comrade Physioprof said...

That library looks like something out of a Borges story.

Anonymous said...

do want library

Historiann said...

That library looks like something out of a Borges story.

Or out of an Escher engraving! I'm vertiginous just trying to figure out which way is up.

Congrats on the excellent student eval. Clever, and s/he was paying attention!

Spanish prof said...

This one is from when I was a TA, years ago. Written by a very conservative, right-wing religious student: "She is kind of a commie, but I love her. No one can teach grammar like SP". I still keep it, though I will admit that I didn't dare include it with my other student evaluations when I was on the job market.

EarlyToBed said...

Two of my all time favorite student evaluation comments:

"Prof. EtB will be really great at this when she gets a few more courses under her belt"


"Professor EarlyToBed talks way too much about electromagnetic radiation"

Christopher Blevins said...

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mikon said...

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