Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random Bullets of Rio

  • Tropical fruit tastes different when you're actually in the tropics. I ate a lot of mangos, and an acaí smoothie every other day.  I regret nothing.
  • Yes, I was staying with a friend 2 blocks from Ipanema beach, and a 20-minute walk from Copacabana beach.  They're famous for a reason.
  • Tourist stuff: yes, we rode the cable car up Sugarloaf mountain.  Athletic folks, you can actually climb this thing, though about 15 meters of it require rope and a guide.
  • Monkeys! 
  • As far as I can tell, the food groups in Brazil are: tropical fruit, deep-fried starches, meat, and sugary things with other sugary things on top of them.  I was pretty okay with that. 
  • In Rio, you wear a bikini to the beach, even if you're a 60 year-old grandmother with the body to prove it. I was one of three people on the beach wearing a one-piece suit.  The other two were long past retirement age.
  • I may still have sand in my belly button.

Oh, and a picture:


Mama Melch said...

We went there for our honeymoon and had the BEST time! We really loved traveling to such an amazingly far away place without the jet-lag. Thanks for reminding me of such an outst

Contingent Cassandra said...

Sounds like a most satisfactory adventure. The slope of that beach is a bit more precipitous that I'm accustomed to (my beach experience is on barrier islands on the eastern coast of the US), but the peaks in the background look cool.

Comrade Physioprof said...

Did you do some wild forbidden dances that are banned in the United States?

Historiann said...

Looks (and sounds) fantastic! Love the tropical fruits in the tropics concept.

Susan said...

Sounds terrific!

Anonymous said...

Ooo sounds like you had lots of fun but you should have bought a bikini while you were there!! I bought two when I visited Brazil.