Thursday, February 4, 2010

Headed Off!

fig. 1: the locals eagerly await my arrival

Ready or not (I'm not), I'm headed for Research City in a couple of hours. I'll be posting from there whenever I can. Pictures when I find a good wifi connection.

Let us now praise sabbaticals!

hugs & kisses,



Good Enough Woman said...

Yes. Praise, praise be, to sabbaticals. Preach!

Happy travels.

Historiann said...

What a week: you get your book done, and leave for a sabbatical research trip! Congratulations, and revel without guilt in those archives. (I'm madly jealous!)

Susan said...

Have a great time!

WV=realishe, as in "Realishe your time in the archives, which is very real"!

Anonymous said...

May the best Research City luck attend thee!