Friday, February 19, 2010

Rain, and a Few Days of Rest

So, It's Friday night in Exotic Research City. Where am I?

In the archives, of course.

Then again, sitting at a table in a modern room in a renovated gothic bishop's palace next to a window looking out on the cathedral with a medieval manuscript open on the table and the rain coming down outside -- well, that's not such a bad thing, really.

This situation is typical: as mentioned in an earlier post, I tend to do short trips, so I tend not to get to see Exotic Research City much at all. And trust me, it's one of those places that people ooh! and ah! over.

But here's the deal: This time, I'm here for 3 months, and three different individuals have already made plans to visit. The first -- not an academic, but a photographer friend -- is showing up tomorrow night, for four days. I've spent the last couple of days practicing telling myself that it's really, really okay to take a few days off. Really, it is.

So: We'll see how that turns out, shall we?


clio's disciple said...

Hm, I wonder if I've spent more tourist time in ERC than you have. I have a list of favorite attractions. You probably don't need suggestions, but send me a note if you'd like some anyway.

Historiann said...

You have the wi-fi in your gothic castle archives?


(Except for me it would be a huge distraction.)

Comrade PhysioProf said...

You gotta have some fucking fun in this exotic locale!

Anonymous said...

There wouldn't be anything going on yet anyway, party time is after the archives close, right? You can have both!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Hmmmm ERC looks a lot like Edin, and besides the tall girl shop and the underground city I am not sure what the attractions are. Oh, the lesbian cafe (oldest in the country) was taken over and the extension downstairs is now a sex toy shop - is that an attraction. I could be wrong, that is just a glimpse, if you give me a hint, I can tell you were the sex toy shops of most ERC are. Also which art colleges have the best 3-D postcards for sending home.