Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another non-post (with a giggle at the end)

Obnoxiously, this is not a post. It's just an update to say I'm not dead. Just about, but not quite. For explanation, see this post from two weeks ago.

Yes, the part two of the funding post hasn't been forgotten. But this semester is kicking my ass.

But just to show that I have a sense of humor: I got an e-mail from our union rep. S/he is concerned about the workloads and stagnant pay of associate profs. Yep: me, too. S/he wants to the union can take it on in their next bargaining session. Great idea. So... when would I/we be available for a meeting to discuss specifics?

1 comment:

Historiann said...

I know, I know--but can you really think of a better use of your time either now or in the long run?

I wish I could join a union.