Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today has been a good day.

Today, I:
  • completed a narrative outline of my upcoming paper
  • polished off one part of a headache-inducing committee assignment
  • took a nice walk with a good friend
  • found some good illustrations for my upcoming presentation
  • got in a good bike ride
  • stocked up on diet coke
Tonight, I will:
  • go to a half-obligatory, half-convivial gathering and be recognized for a small non-work-related accomplishment
  • begin sorting notecards according to the narrative outline
  • roast and eat some veggies
  • do some yoga (at home: sadly I missed the studio class again)
It's not a major day, but one filled with a number of small good things and no bad things. I'm gonna run with that.


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Notabene said...

That sounds like an above average day! Something to aim for, for sure.