Sunday, June 5, 2011

From (Deliberately) Lazy to (Unfortunately) Frenetic

For the first time, I planned a trip to Blargistan that included some down time at the beginning and the end. Granted, some of that down time at the beginning got eaten up by the first of my three presentations (#2 & 3 Monday!), but it was a real pleasure to have most of a week to just adjust to being here, spend long days with friends, and not worry about finding stuff.

(And yes, Comrade: I've been eating cheese. Plenty of it.)

fig. 1: Not cheese. But delicious nonetheless.

But the flip side, the more frenetic side, is that this trip sees me not planted in a single city. Rather, I have four cities in five weeks, three of them to work in archives wholly new to me, and two of those three in towns I've never been to. I'm bouncing back and forth from the smaller ones to my "home base" in Blerg City on weekends, camping out with various friends. I do miss the way I was able to establish a long-term rhythm when I was here before last spring. So this will be a change.

In any case, I'm off to catch a train to L. in a couple of hours. Not sure what my internet access will be. More dispatches when I can.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

Looks like some serious fucken cake!

Anonymous said...

I love that latter picture. The stonework frozen between the motion blurs and the colours put me in mind of a chessboard in a way I then can't quite get rid of while trying to parse the details.