Friday, June 10, 2011

Writing Group, week two!

Hello, all!

Another Damned Medievalist has posted this week's writing group meetup. As always, we ask our participants to talk about 1) their progress this past week, and 2) what they plan to do for next week. In addition, ADM adds the following for this week:
Lots of people started out making less progress than perhaps they had planned, for all sorts of good reasons. But we all know that those good reasons still eat into our time, and can often mean a sense of failure that affects getting the writing done. For next week, let's not only post our goals, but also think about one or two small things that, even if life starts getting in the way, we can get done to move the project forward. It could be reviewing a couple of articles, or drafting an outline, or even just freewriting 500 words you think you'll have to dump -- but it should be something you can point to and say, "I did this thing."
Make sure to post your progress reports and comments over there this week; we'll be back at Casa Notorious next Friday.**

One other little bit of linky goodness, again over at ADM's place: today she posts an open letter to the Berks organizers on how the conference this year is quite light on anything pre-19th century, and muses on marginalization within the field of women's history, á là Judith Bennett. Well worth reading and thinking about.

**Contingent, of course, on me finding a suitable internet connection the day of the post. If you don't see anything here by, oh, say, noonish next Friday, check back over at ADM's place.